Accomplishments & Next Steps

Project Financial Summary:
Alhamdulillah, from 2012 through 2018, more than $1.2 million has been raised with the help of the community, including over $396,000 in 2017-2018. Over $892,000 was used to purchase the land and pay for building design, site development, Fairfax County fees, taxes and fundraising expenses. We have selected a contractor and are ready to begin construction, In sha Allah.  We are reaching out to our Muslim brothers and sisters, supporters and friends to help us secure additional funding which would enable us to complete the construction of the Islamic Funeral facility.

Project Development Phases & Status:

1. Planning – Complete
a) Special Exception Application Process- Complete & Approved

2. Design Development- Complete
a) Site Plan – Approved and ready to proceed with permit process after posting the bonds.
b) Building Plan Design– Complete
c) Building Review – Complete
d) Select Developer – Complete
e) Obtain permit once a developer is selected.- Will begin after completion of Step 2d

3. Bonds & Fairfax County Fees– Bonds have been posted
a) Approximately $438,000 (as of 2019) is required to begin the construction permit process. – Complete, fees/bonds posted
b) Once the developer is selected the bonds and fees can be posted. – Complete
I. Surety Construction Bond-Paid
II. Conservation Agreement- Paid
III. VDOT Surety Bond- Paid
Fairfax County Fees- Paid
I. Pro Rata Share Agreement- Paid
II. Permit application fee- Paid
III. Inspection fee- Paid
IV. Misc.

4. Permitting – Will begin after completion of Steps 2b and 3.
a) Demolition Permit- Obtained
b) Building Permit- In Progress
c) Site Land Disturbance Permit- Obtained
d) Storm Water Permit – Obtained
e) VDOT Permit – Obtained

5. Preconstruction Meeting – Scheduled week of April 22, 2019 – Completed

6. Construction & Inspection – Will begin after completion of Steps 4 & 5- Will be started after Pre-Construction Meeting & inspection on as-needed basis.

7. Final Safety Inspection & Occupancy- Commences after Step 6 is complete; Obtain Occupancy Permit.

Our Appeal for Support

We passionately call upon our supporters to generously contribute to this important cause. Every dollar that you spend on this project will be considered a continuous reward (Sadaqah Jariah) to you and your family.  As we all wish to live a dignified life in this world, let’s prepare for a dignified death in our final journey toward our Lord, Allah The Almighty.

Please consider donating at  or by sending a check payable to Mustafa Center,  6844 Braddock Road, Annandale VA 22003.  (Memo: MC Funeral Facility Donation)

Raise awareness and spread the message in your local communities

Organize a joint fundraising event with Mustafa Center

Have a fundraiser during Jummah Prayer

Apply for grants

Organize an Online fundraiser

Please consider donating online at  or by sending a check payable to Mustafa Center,  6844 Braddock Road, Annandale VA 22003.  (Memo: MC Funeral Facility Donation)