Why This Funeral Facility?

Fulfilling a Community Need

  • Cannot have a funeral service in your own house
  • Rapidly growing and diverse Muslim population in the DC Metro area
  • Lack of proper Islamic funeral facilities
  • A need for a standard and a well-equipped funeral facility
  • Driven by these needs, Mustafa Center & Afghan Academy initiated a project to meet these important necessities

Need of Community’s Support:

  • We passionately call upon our Muslim brothers and sisters to generously contribute to this important cause
  • Every dollar that you spend on this project will be considered a continuous reward (Sadaqah Jariah) to you and your family
  • As we all wish to live a dignified life in this world, let’s prepare for a dignified death in our final journey toward our Lord, Allah The Almighty

How You Can Help:

  • Raise awareness and spread the message in your local communities
  • Organize a joint fundraising event with Mustafa Center
  • Have a fundraiser during Jummah Prayer
  • Apply for grants
  • Organize an online fundraiser