About the Mustafa Center

The Mustafa Center, named after Al-Mustafa, the Chosen One, one of the titles of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was established by the Afghan Academy with the support of the local Muslim community.

The 7,800 square feet land where the Mustafa Center is located used to be an abandoned property, frequented by those afflicted with the disease of drug addiction and drinking. But Allah (swt) planned for this place to be purified and, by His grace and the tireless efforts of the community, in 1995 this piece of land was purchased for the noble purpose of building a house of worship of Allah (swt).

After many challenges and obstacles were overcome, construction began in September 1997. Within two years, the Mustafa Center was officially opened (November 1999). The total cost of the land and construction was well over a million dollars. With your help, Alhamdulilah, the debt that the Center owed was completely paid off during the blessed month of Ramadan in 2004. We would like to thank all of our brothers and sisters for their generous donations to the Masjid.

The Mustafa Center’s exterior features a light-green dome, two domed minarets on each side, an arch entrance portico supported by columns and tiles with Quranic inscriptions. The interior is adorned with beautiful chandeliers and a lovely mehrab. The Mustafa Center has two floors. The upper floor is the musallaa (prayer hall) with separate sections for brothers and sisters. The lower floor consists of an office, classrooms, library, gathering hall and restrooms.

Mission: “To serve, support, unite and strengthen the Muslim community and the community at large in the Washington Metropolitan area by providing and/or facilitating relevant and effective knowledge & Learning (religious and other), social services, and improved communication and understanding based on the principles of the Qur’an and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).”

Three Key Operational Principles

Serve All People Equally with Utmost Respect.

Effective Regular Internal and External Communications.

Maximize Reach and Impact by Building Meaningful Partnerships.

Four key strategic areas of operation and services, and the programs under them:

1. Prayer Services: Daily Prayers, Jummah Prayer, Taraweeh Prayer, Tahajjud Prayer, Eid Prayers.

2A. Knowledge & Learning (children & youths): Mustafa Center Youth Weekend School (MCYWS), Daily Quran School for Children and Youth, Tahfeez-ul-Quran, Free Tutoring Program for K-12 Grade, Summer Camp, Traditional Islamic Art Classes.

2B. Knowledge & Learning (adults): Prayer Class, Quran Class, Foundation of Islamic Principles, Quran Tafsir, Short Lectures.

3. Community Support and Services: Daily Iftar, Daily Sahur (last 10 days of Ramadan), Eid Celebration Program, Youth and Adult Community Service Programs (volunteer, school requirement, court-mandated), Youth Soccer, Financial Assistance for Emergency Needs (Zakat and Sadaqa fund), Distribution of Zakat Al-fitr, Dinner Program for Homeless with Thrive DC, Marriage Services, Counseling Services, New Muslim Support and Guidance, Funeral Support and Guidance, Fourth of July Celebration for Children & Youths”.