The Afghan Medical Professionals Association of America (AMPAA) in collaboration with the Iranian-American Medical Society of Greater Washington (IAMS) hosted a scientific session focusing on the topic of Neurology on September 10, 2016 at the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Virginia.  The audience included various medical professionals and scholars. At this symposium, Mustafa Center (MC) representatives brought attention to the Funeral Chapel project, which is currently underway. Brochures and flyers were handed out to participants. The goal was to raise community awareness toward this effort.

That evening, the organization held a banquet dinner at Bamian Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia.  At this event, an AMPAA board member made an announcement about the Mustafa Center funeral chapel project and the MC representatives were available to answer any questions related to that initiative.

Close to $1,000 in donations were collected for the project that day.  The Mustafa Center is thankful for the generous support of the community and to AMPAA for graciously allowing us to participate at their event.

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