On Friday January 27, 2017, Mustafa Center began the first in a series of Knowledge Circles. These gatherings are intended for spreading useful knowledge that we can apply in our daily lives to bring us closer to our Creator. Another purpose of this gathering is to bring the local community to come together for a common goal and increase the unity of brotherhood in our hearts. The evening began with performing the Isha prayer at 7:30 p.m. After the prayer, the attendees proceeded downstairs to enjoy some sweets and appetizers before the lesson. The topic of this Knowledge Circle was Reflections on Surah Ya-sin. The speaker for the night was Saif Rahman Qargha. Brother Saif spoke about the importance of approaching the Qur’an with adab (good manners). He pointed out that without good adab the meanings of the Qur’an will not open up for us. After the initial introduction he read and reflected on the commentary of the first five verses of the surah. Brother Saif’s lecture was very powerful and moving. After the lecture, the floor was opened up for questions and answers. Many brothers and sisters asked many questions and a very fruitful and engaging discussion took place.

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