Mustafa Center is deeply grateful for the presence of two media outlets during on January 14, 2017 during the Funeral Chapel Information Program. We want to thank Next TV for attending our program. We also want to thank them for filming an interview with Engineer Sohaila Shakib. In the video she explains the urgent need for having a Funeral Chapel which will serve the entire Islamic community. Simultaneously, Mustafa Center, would like to thank Asim Siddiqui from AAJ News, a 24 hour Pakistani news network. We thank them for attending our program, and creating a creative and dynamic video which shows the guests who attended the program. We ask Allah to bless Next TV and AAJ News with immense good in this world and the next for assisting us to spread the Funeral Chapel information to a wider audience- so that inshAllah we will be able to build this important building which will serve the Ummah.

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