Mustafa Center  Special Ramadan Arrangements

Qiyam ul Layl ( Tahajud) —Commences Tuesday June 5


at 2:45 AM  ends at 3:30 Am


* Suhoor (Pot Luck) follows at 3:30 AM 

*Fajr Prayer  at 4:30 AM


Khattam ul Quran 


 *Monday June 11— at 10:00 PM (Eve of the 27thRamadan)


* Preceded by a Community Iftar 


Community Iftars Every Night  



*Eid ul Fitr—June 15,2018 

Will held at Waterford with the following address

6715 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150

 1st Prayer at 7:00 AM lead By DAR AL HUDA IMAM

2nd Prayer at 8:00 AM Lead By Dr. Anwar HAJAJ

3rd Prayer at 9:AM lead By DAR AL HUDA IMAM

4th Prayer at 10:00 Am lead By Qari Safiullah

5th Prayer at 11:00 AM lead By Qari Abdul Wali

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