On Dec. 28, 2016 students and their families gathered to celebrate the end of the 1st Quarter of Qur’an and Arabic Studies. The program began promptly at 5:00 p.m, after the sunset prayer. Students of all ages-with their parents filled the entire room. President Eqbal Husseini was on hand to support the program, he addressed the community and thanked the teachers for their selfless effort to educate the students. Many of the instructors were on hand to witness this special time with their students. Qari Safiullah played the animated film Muhammad: The Last Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Afterwards, he gave the students a quiz about the film. The students eagerly and excitedly answered the questions. Then a presentation of certificates of achievement were presented to the students. The students ranged from those who had just learned to memorize small surahs to those who had memorized two or three sections of the Holy Qur’an. When this was completed students lined up to eat pizza and snacks provided to them by the masjid. As ending time was approaching- students and teachers worked together to clean up the masjid.

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