On the evening of Sunday, December 3, Mustafa Center held an evening program for the community. The program was in honor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was born on the twelfth of the lunar month of Rabi al-Awwal.

The program was divided into two installments. The first part of the program was a Khatem al-Quran. The guests each read a section of the Holy Qur’an and when they completed their sections, the Imam recited a beautiful prayer.

The second part of the program consisted of Qur’an recitation and short speeches by honorable guest speakers. The audience was in awe as a female student recited Surah Duha (The Morning Light). Qari Safiullah, the program coordinator and Imam of Mustafa Center, was the moderator of the evening. President Eqbal Husseini welcomed the audience and thanked them for their presence. Thereafter, special guests speakers delivered informative and heartwarming speeches. The guests were then served a hearty meal, and the evening concluded with Isha prayer. Mustafa Center would like to thank our guest speakers: Mohammad Eqbal Husseini, Ustad Rashid Saljuki, Ustad Daud Nassimi, Brother Saif ur-Rahman Qargha, Dr. Amir Shaikh, Br. Nasar Ahmad Zia, and Br. Aman Jalalah.


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