According to a hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

“Prayer is the Pillar of Faith. Whoever establishes it, Establishes Faith, And whoever abandons it, ruins Faith.”

Mustafa Center offers five daily prayers,  Jum’ah, in 3 rounds, Taraweeh, and Eid prayers.

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Marriage & Nikkah

Marriage is the cornerstone of Muslim family life and the basic foundation of any society.

Approached and undertaken from an Islamic perspective, marriage brings stability and tranquility, protects one’s chastity and God-consciousness and provides a perfect environment to raise morally upright and pious future generations.

For information about marriage services at Mustafa Center, please contact us.

Community Services

One of the main aims of the Mustafa Center is to serve the local community, Muslim and non-Muslim, and to provide service opportunities for those members of the community who would like to serve the community in any capacity.

For information about our community service programs, please contact us.

Funeral Services

Helping bereaved families and reaching out to them when they are going through the difficult times of losing a loved one is our religious and civic duty, as individuals and organizations.

Mustafa Center does not directly provide funeral services at this time, but are glad to provide information about local organizations that will be able to help you.

Our goal is to build a state-of-the-art funeral facility that is compliant with Islamic traditions and provide supportive services to our growing Muslim communities. For information about this ongoing project click here or please contact us.


We are glad to provide free counseling services to members of the community. Whether you are having marital issues, feel spiritually “down”, or going through a rough patch in your life, help is right around the corner.

For more information about our counseling services, please contact us.

Hall Rental

As a service to the community and also as a means of generating revenue for the expenses of the Center, the meeting hall (located at the lower level of the Center) can be rented for occasions/celebrations appropriate in Masjid setting.

For information about reserving the meeting hall, please contact us.

MC Hall Reservation From

If you’re in need of immediate financial assistance please come to the physical site of the Mustafa Center. When you enter the building, please proceed to the lower level. Here you will find the Mustafa Center office. Please ask for a financial assistance form from office manager. This form will allow us to know your difficulties in detail. That way we will be able to serve you better.

For obtaining forms please click here.